Meet Our Horses

“Nativity’s Star” – Although the smallest, standing at less than 8 hands tall, this chocolate palomino-colored, 6-yr old Miniature Horse is technically NOT a pony. Even still, he carries up to 70 lbs, is shown in leadline divisions and loves his pony riders and parties!

“Nativity’s Vincenzo Remembered” is our alpha in the herd, aka “Vinnie”, the boss of the paddock when Teresa isn’t around. But don’t be intimidated as he is an absolute mush with his human friends. Standing at 15.3 hands high, this bay American Quarter horse has quite noble bloodlines for his simple, gentle, trail ride-lovin personality. A former barrel racing star, he adores new riding students, trail riders and carrots, of course!
“Nativity’s Angel” is a 14-yr old Pony of The Americas (POA). He is the life of the party in this herd! He is our versatile jet-setter. Jumping is his fun and trail rides are too, so pick your passion but pick something as he will not stand around patiently satisfied with nothing to do like the others. But he knows his manners and boundaries so he is a good boy who teaches our students how to keep it moving and realize your potential more than you initially believe of yourself! He is confidence personified, or “horsonified”.
“Nativity’s Revelation” – Last but never least, our 20-year old (yes, horses live double a dog’s age usually) also known as “Revy”, stands at 15.2 hands high and is the color of white grandeur! He is the herd’s pearl of wisdom and is level-headed. If Gandolf of the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings was a horse, this would be him! Like Vinnie, he is also a Quarter Horse but one with an amazing pleasure trot for western pleasure or teaching beginner students on the lunge line. He will teach you what it means to steer a tricky mount, though, so be ready for a good lesson! He favors trail riding but enjoys some stimulating time in the arena as well. A survivor from very near death 6 years ago, this is one horse who will teach you what it means to persevere and start all the way over again after the world gave up on you. He was rescued and rehabilitated. Now he is showing the world that giving up on a thriving and truly full life with so many new loving human friends on his hooves was never an option!

“Nativity’s Prince”

Standing at 15.3 hands high, thus beautiful dapple grey Thoroughbred loves trail riding. And that’ s a great thing because he was so slow and calm at the racetrack, his best speed was practically backwards.

He is the youngest and most playful of the herd. But he has manners to stand while the kiddies groom him for their birthday parties and loves his carrots! This is the horse our lesson students aspire to show as his graceful, sweeping trot impresses the horse show judges. Destined for greatness, this steed is sure to impress!

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