Nativity Riding Academy - Year Round Horse Back Riding

Horseback Riding Lessons

English or Western seats among various disciplines are taught at multiple levels for pleasure or competition. Most importantly, you will gain a basic knowledge of how your mount thinks as a herd-member and how he relates to you in gaining a two-way trust that will allow for softer, more willing obedience from the horse and a peaceful ride. Gaining knowledge of the equine species (behaviorally) helps produce safer, smarter riders.Don’t want to compete or jump? We have horseback pleasure riding lesson packages for those wishing just to get comfortable and safe in learning how to sit each of the horse’s gaits (aka flat pleasure equitation riding in the arena as well as proficiency on trail). Keep in mind that the safest and only way to truly become one in movement and at heart while riding any horse takes time. Just like every lasting relationship takes time to build trust more deeply, so it takes weeks and months to gain a prey animal like the equine’s trust. This and our brains need repetition and practice to learn how to keep our body parts where they should be for premium balance in all situations mounted. I use the longe line to start which is a tried and true best teaching practice dating way back to the 4th Century. This is where the rider does not have to steer the horse as reins are secured and instructor directs the horse in a large circle around her and focuses on the rider’s seat. After all, one cannot learn to steer a horse until the body is balanced in case the horse decides to trot or spook.

Half-hour private lessons are available & longer. All gift certificates sold for individual lessons have a three-month expiration unless otherwise agreed upon a courtesy call made by the recipient (person gifted) or person who bought the certificate for them. All Package certificates sold have a six month expiration. We cannot afford to run this gift program and pay our overhead expenses monthly otherwise. We appreciate your understanding.

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